earth is a lie

The US is to open direct peace talks with the Taliban, senior White House officials have announced.

So we had to invade to “punish these people for harboring terrorists”, and now 10 years, billions if not trillions of dollars, and who knows how many ruined lives later, we’ve accomplished nothing. But pulling out troops years ago would have been the wrong move, it would have sent the wrong message, it would have made all the losses and costs in vain. We’re taught as children not to use violence to solve our problems, because violence doesn’t solve problems, unless you succeed in killing everyone. But I guess that’s the point of war. Way to go, humanity.

"How are we doing on ending world poverty? Genocide? Sex slavery? Human trafficking? Racism? Rape culture? Investments in renewable energies and efforts to curb rampant consumption of non-renewable resources? Protecting fragile animal species and entire ecosystems from the impact of human civilization? Taking steps towards a global perspective of humanity’s relationship with each other and the planet as we move away from the primitive notions of nationalism, militarism, and statism? In the meantime, if we’re still set on taxing people, the least we could do is spend that money on things that actually make the world a better place, right?"

"Whatever queer, check out this new fighter jet though!!!!"

Fertilizer plant explosion, about a billion oil spills, natural gas barges exploding… maybe we should start using more energy sources that aren’t volatile or toxic? No, just gonna keep fucking up the planet and blowing ourselves up? K, sounds good humanity. Good talk. 

Hungry cop threatens a teenager with a gun in McDonald’s

Welcome to Georgia!

I wish people reacted to this shit the way they do mass shootings.

If you have a minute, please read this petition, and sign it if you agree that governments should not be in the business of displacing indigenous peoples for profit.

My favorite part of Obamacare is the unintended consequences. For instance, my partner is a full-time student and works as a waitress at a corporate chain restaurant nearly 40 hours a week. Under Obamacare, corporations are forced to buy health insurance policies for their workers if they number 50 or more and work more than 30 hours a week. To combat this, corporations are simply cutting the number of hours their employees are allowed to work. At my partner’s job, they’ve installed computers that will not let you clock in if you’ve already worked 25 hours in a pay period. So now my partner has to get a second job in order to make up for the wages she will be missing out on due to the fact her hours have been cut at her primary place of employment. And she also won’t be getting health insurance from either of these employers as she isn’t working enough hours, so will be forced to purchase a health care plan on her own, or face paying a penalty. Meanwhile she’s paying more in taxes to subsidize the costs of the legislation that is already forcing her to get a second job, and also to buy health insurance or pay a fine. Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act should have been named Slavery Expansion and Earnings Confiscation Act. “The land of the free” is and always has been a complete illusion.

This is atrocious. The cop “testified that he did not intend to punch the woman in the mouth, but instead intended to slap a beer bottle from her hand after officers complained that partiers at the annual Puerto Rican day were throwing bottles and other objects at police”. The defense attorney claims “It’s obvious from looking at the video that this was an intentional act. The officer took three steps towards my client and then slugged her in the face.” 

The judge threw out the evidence claiming it did not depict the entire situation. The incident occurs at 1m25s in the video - judge for yourself.


Why would you ever believe anything the government tells you?

Why would you ever believe anything the government tells you?

Hunters across Louisiana are outraged after state health officials ordered a rescue mission to destroy $8,000 worth of deer meat because venison is not allowed to be served in homeless shelters.

Lowell paying $230 a month but police GPS units still not activated

The city has paid $230 per month for the last eight months to Verizon to track police officers with a global-positioning system that hasn’t been turned on yet.

The department also spent $50,000 to purchase hardware needed to make operational the GPS system first proposed by City Manager Bernie Lynch and Superintendent Kenneth Lavallee three years ago.

But two city unions are blocking the project because they want assurances the data will be used for public safety and not discipline.

City taxpayers are not footing the bill for the hardware outlay or the monthly fee. Police are using the law-enforcement trust fund, built with money taken during drug seizures. That money can only be used for federally-approved purposes, such as buying police equipment.

Lynch and Lavallee announced the initiative after a cruiser was stolen in the Highlands by Ricky Sin of Lowell. Sin pleaded guilty to several charges, including larceny of a motor vehicle.

"Our goal here is to know where the cruisers are and where our people are," Lynch said Tuesday. "And it would certainly be helpful in terms of the deployment of officers."

The 170-member Lowell Patrolmen’s Association has other concerns, President Dennis Moriarty said.

"This issue is not as black and white as it might appear," said Moriarty. "We would be willing to approve its use with certain stipulations."

Primarily, he said, the union does not want it used as a disciplinary tool

and that the data not be stored.

"There is already a system of checks and balances for that," said Moriarty. "There is a street boss for every shift, a lieutenant and a sergeant. This would be overkill." Moriarty suggested the trust fund be used for other purposes, like officer training.

Lynch disagreed.

"I don’t see it (being used for discipline) unless a police officer is somewhere he or she shouldn’t be," said Lynch.

Patrolmen are working on an expired contract. The same is true with police dispatchers, who have joined patrolmen in opposing the system going live, Lavallee said. Lavallee declined to elaborate on the union opposition, except to say it concerns a “change in work conditions.”

T.J. Cooper, president of the union which represents dispatchers, said the union is not opposed to “enhanced public safety for the city of Lowell.” But like the patrolmen, dispatchers are concerned about discipline.

"I don’t want it to be used for discipline, for instance, ‘like ‘why didn’t you look at the screen and dispatch another cruiser," said Cooper, who is a public safety dispatcher. Cooper said she has other concerns but declined to elaborate.

Cooper said she briefly discussed the matter with Lynch more than a year ago, but there have been no subsequent discussions.

The department’s superior officers union signed on to the GPS initiative, technically known as “automatic vehicle locators,” in May 2012, when they approved a new contract which gave union members 7 percent pay raises spread over three years.

Lynch said the city is “close, getting a lot closer” to resolving the GPS issue with the patrolmen and dispatchers. Lynch declined to discuss those negotiations, or whether those unions will be given pay raises to finally accept the GPS devices.

Cooper did say her union’s demands will be in-line with those of the other unions.

Neither Lynch nor Lavallee said they regret signing a contract with Verizon even though that matter hadn’t been settled at City Hall.

"We were of the opinion (a settlement) was imminent," Lavallee said.

"I don’t think it was premature," added Lynch. "Well, perhaps in a minor way. It’s not a question of whether we can do this, because we can," the manager added. "We’re just trying to resolve the collective-bargaining issues."

Once that happens, Lynch added, the system will be ready for immediate activation.

Love it. Mercenaries for the establishment will beat the shit out of peaceful protesters and break numerous laws in the process, but you better not try to keep tabs on us. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes (who watches the watchmen)? Private citizens should put GPS trackers on cop cars and report their whereabouts themselves.


Heard a piece on NPR today about a soldier in Afghan that got his legs blown off and was recuperating in the US, getting fit with robotic prosthetics  etc. Dude seemed pretty cheery considering the circumstances. What was missing from the piece though was any question on why the fuck this guy was over there in the first place. You lost your legs, for what? And now tax payers are footing the bill for you to get nice new robo legs. Why don’t we stop sending people over there so they don’t get killed or kill other people, and that way we don’t have to fucking celebrate some dude who comes back mangled but gets to have robo legs like some kind of consolation prize because his own were fucking blown off.

Humans fuck shit up, other species suffer. Humans realize that by un-fucking shit, species do a little better. General misanthropy ensues. 

On Tuesday morning, officers responded to reports of shots fired in southern Orange County.

The gunman suspected of that shooting then went to Tustin, where he is believed to have been involved in three car-jackings, killing at least two of the drivers, police added.”

How’s that gun control working out for ya, Cali?